Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society

About the Virtual Museum and Archive

Welcome to the virtual museum and archive of the history of financial regulation, providing access to primary materials on the creation and growth of the regulation of the capital markets from the 20th century to the present.

The museum opened on June 1, 2002 as an entirely virtual archive; there is no physical repository. The virtual museum and archive is free and accessible worldwide at all times.

The museum's collection includes:

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Building the Virtual Museum and Archive

Visitors are welcome to recommend material to be added to the collection by contacting the Executive Director. The Executive Director is solely authorized to add and remove material in the museum; the Board of Trustees has no say in the building of the museum.

Material should not be sent without permission from the Executive Director. Material will be accepted only if:

  • It relates to the purpose of the virtual museum and archive.
  • It is original, and not easily available through other online sources.
  • It builds on the collection and does not duplicate what is already accessioned.

All donors of material, including participants in oral histories interviews and programs, are required to sign a release. No material will be added to the collection until the signed release is received.

Permission for Use

The virtual museum and archive is copyrighted by the SEC Historical Society. The Society reserves the right to restrict access to or use of the museum by any user at any time.

Users are prohibited from sharing or downloading any material for publication or commercial purposes without written permission from the Executive Director. Requests for permission must be submitted by email and specify the material requested and for what purpose.

Material used with the Society's permission should be credited to: