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20th Anniversary of Regulation Fair Disclosure

As one of several building blocks for our upcoming Gallery on Corporate Disclosure, curator David Lynn (Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP), has constructed an exhibit on Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg FD). It is presented 20 years after its adoption by the SEC.

Reg FD is aimed at preventing the selective disclosure of material nonpublic information to market participants. The components of this exhibit explore the adoption, implementation and enforcement aspects of the regulation.

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The Reg FD exhibit, and overall curation of the Gallery on Corporate Disclosure is made possible with the generous support of our donors, including primary sponsor Deloitte & Touche, LLP, supporting partner Morrison & Foerster, LLP, and curator David M. Lynn.

Featured from the Collection

Fireside Chat: SEC and the Courts, April 17, 2007

Paul Gonson and Mark Kreitman, April 17, 2007

In this program, Theresa Gabaldon, Professor of Law at George Washington University School of Law, talks with former SEC Solicitor Paul Gonson, and Mark Kreitman, then Assistant Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, about the SEC’s relationship to the courts.

Unlike most other agencies, Gonson explains, ‘the SEC has independent litigating authority; that is, it goes into courts with its own lawyers, both trial courts and appellate courts, rather than through lawyers in the Department of Justice or in the U.S. Attorney’s office.’

Gonson goes on to say that ‘[i]t’s been very useful, both in my experience at the SEC and in Mark’s, that the ability to go to court with your own lawyers means that the staff and the Commissioners are able to discuss how they want to do that, and exactly how they want to proceed and what tactics to take. …I think it’s fair to say that in the 70 years or more since the Collier decision, which Mark has referred to, the SEC has become a formidable litigator in courts and some persons regard it as the premier law enforcement agency in the federal government.

Listen to the full audio recording and access the transcript for this program.

We Remember

Feb 7, 1932 - March 23, 2020

On June 10, 2020, the Washington Foreign Law Society (WFLS) held an "Online Discussion of Judge Stanley Sporkin's Career and Legacy." With permission from WFLS, the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society is making this program accessible in its collection.

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Panelists: Eugene Goldman; James W. Zirkle; Theodore B. Olson
Moderator: Mark B. Feldman

New in the Museum

Documents from Historic Insider Trading Cases -
United States v. Newman & Chiarella v. United States

April 1, 1978
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
May 16, 1977
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
May 23, 1977
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
January 1,1978
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
February 2, 1979
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
March 29, 1979
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
June 1, 1979
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
June 28, 1979
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
August 10, 1979
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
October 31, 1979
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
November 5, 1979
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
January 1,1981
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)
June 29, 1981
document pdf (Courtesy of Donna Nagy)

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