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13 January 2011

Frank Easterbrook

07 September 2003

Meyer Eisenberg

09 August 2006

John Fedders

10 November 2005

Jack Ferguson

22 June 2004

Justin Feldman

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19 February 2009

Lloyd Feller

08 May 2008

Ralph Ferrara

09 March 2006

Matthew Fink

21 February 2018

Mark Fitterman

Video: 1:25:41

From 1974 to 1995, Mark Fitterman served in various roles at the SEC, eventually becoming Associate Director in the Division of Market Regulation. He worked on implementing the 1975 Act Amendments, including establishing a National Market System and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. He also was in charge of oversight and inspections of the exchanges, investment advisors and broker dealers prior to the creation of a separate Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations.

08 April 2009

Anne Flannery

21 May 2007

Arthur Fleischer

07 April 2015

Edward Fleischman

12 November 2013

Beverly Fleming

13 August 2003

James Foster

August 17, 2017

Tamar Frankel

18 February 2009

Stephen Friedman

06 July 2012

Kathryn Fulton

17 January 2002

David Ginsburg

21 November 2005

Cynthia Glassman

17 October 2013

Angela Goelzer

14 April 2008

Daniel Goelzer

Video: 10:10

Daniel Goelzer held a number of positions at the SEC from the mid-70’s through 1990, including Special Counsel in the Office of the General Counsel, Special Counsel to Chairman Harold Williams, Associate General Counsel for Counseling, Executive Assistant to Chairman John Shad, and General Counsel from 1983 to 1990. After leaving the SEC, he was partner at the law from of Baker & McKenzie LLP in Washington, DC until his appointment as a founding Board member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) in 2003. He served as PCAOB’s Acting Chairman from 2009 – 2011, after which he returned to Baker & McKenzie. He was one of the founding Trustees of the SEC Historical Society.

20 April 2016

Joel Goldberg

17 June 2013

Harvey Goldschmid

05 February 2010

Barry Goldsmith

July, 2018

Paul Gonson – Historical Society Founders Interview

Video: 44:18

In this interview with Dan Goelzer, Paul Gonson describes his role in founding, together with David Ruder and Harvey Pitt, the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society in 1999. His memories reveal the early vision, challenges, and successes of what is now a mission to preserve the history of our financial markets and regulation that is accomplished through a virtual museum and archive rather than a bricks and mortar structure.

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12 July 2006

Paul Gonson - Part I

Video: 17:55

Paul Gonson served at the SEC from 1978 to 1982, first as Director of the Division of Corporation Finance under Chairman Harold Williams, then as General Counsel under Chairman John Shad. Mr. Gonson spearheaded several major pioneering initiatives while at the SEC. He negotiated the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the agency, which became the framework for future cooperative agreements with other governments. He also spearheaded improvements to the disclosure system around initial public offerings and led advancements in market access for shelf registrations. Mr. Gonson was one of the founders of the SEC Historical Society and served on its initial board of trustees.

23 February 2011

Paul Gonson - Part II

15 April 2013

Amy Goodman

23 September 2013

Emily Gordy

17 July 2014

Elaine Greenberg

15 February 2008

Edward F. Greene

Video: 7:01

Ed Greene served at the SEC from 1978 to 1982, first as director of the Division of Corporation Finance under Chairman Harold Williams, then as General Counsel under Chairman John Shad. He was involved in several ground-breaking projects. As director of Corporation Finance, he led efforts to integrate and improve disclosures around Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and spearheaded efforts to create faster access to markets for shelf registrations. As general counsel, he negotiated the agency’s first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which became a template for future cooperative agreements between governments. Mr. Greene was a founding trustee of the SEC Historical Society.

19 August 2003

Jule Greene

07 July 2005

Lawrence Greene

20 June 2013

Joseph Grundfest

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