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20 March 2014

Ernesto Lanza

27 February 2004

Leonard Leiman

12 April 2011

James Leisenring

14 January 2003

Alan Levenson

25 July 2006

Theodore Levine

20 June 2013

Arthur Levitt

19 February 2009

John Liftin

06 June 2013

Martin Lipton

04 June 2012

Barbara Lucas

September 12, 2017

Bill Lupien

03 May 2016

Martin Lybecker

19 July 2006

Gary Lynch

25 April 2014

Paul Maco - Part I

12 May 2014

Paul Maco - Part II

29 March 2011

Paul Mahoney

05 March 2009

Hugh Makens

07 April 2010

Donald Malawsky

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  • - Part 2
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13 June 2005

Michael Mann

06 August 2012

Henry Manne

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29 April 2015

Juan Marcelino

17 November 2009

Robert Marchman

01 July 2013

David B.H. Martin

24 June 2015

James McConnell

11 May 2005

Catherine McCoy

11 May 2005

Neal McCoy

February 8, 2019

Joan McKown

Video: 1:25:12

Joan E. McKown spent nearly 25 years, from 1993 to 2010, in the SEC’s Enforcement Division, the last 17 as chief counsel. During her tenure in the Division, she honed her knowledge of investigatory issues relating to financial fraud, corporate disclosure, corporate governance, accounting, compliance, private equity, FCPA, broker dealer, investment adviser, investment companies, and insider trading. She also played a key role in establishing enforcement policies and oversaw creation of the first version of the SEC Enforcement Manual.

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05 March 2012

William McLucas

Video: 10:48

Bill McLucas served at the SEC for 21 years, the last 9 as director of the Division of Enforcement. He started as a staff attorney in 1977 and became branch chief under Stanley Sporkin. He then rose through the ranks in the Enforcement Division as assistant director, associate director, and became director of the Division in 1989. In his oral history interview, he discusses what it was like to serve under directors Sporkin and Fedders, and for five SEC Chairmen as division director, and how the SEC’s enforcement program evolved over his time at the SEC, and since his departure from the agency in 1998. Mr. McLucas was a founding trustee of the SEC Historical Society.

24 September 2005

Bernard Meltzer

03 October 2013

Susan Merrill

12 November 2008

Orestes Mihaly

11 June 2003

William Morley

30 October 2002

Allan Mostoff

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04 November 2005

Annette Nazareth

04 June 2012

Richard Nesson

10 December 2010

Donald Nicolaisen

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09 April 2014

Leslie Norwood

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