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01 November 2007

Keeping the Markets Open - Lessons Learned from the 1987 Market Break

Moderator: Brandon Becker

Presenter(s): Andrea Corcoran, Christopher Cox, William Johnston, Richard Ketchum, David Ruder, Erik Sirri

16 October 2007

Fireside Chat - Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon

Presenter(s): Kurt Schacht, Herbert Wander

18 September 2007

Fireside Chat - Accounting Aspects of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon

Presenter(s): Philip Ameen, Teresa Iannaconi

31 July 2007

The Best of NERA 2007

Moderator: Lawrence Mitchell

Presenter(s): Sharon Brown-Hruska, Patrick Conroy, Robert Mackay

06 June 2007

Beyond Borders - A New Approach to the Regulation of Global Securities Offerings (Eighth Annual Meeting)

Moderator: David B.H. Martin

Presenter(s): Craig Beazer, Alan Beller, Edward Greene, Elisse Walter

22 May 2007

Fireside Chat - Insider Trading

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon

Presenter(s): Donna Nagy, Mark Radke

17 April 2007

Fireside Chat - Courts and the SEC

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon

Presenter(s): Paul Gonson, Mark Kreitman

27 March 2007

Fireside Chat - View from Congress

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon

Presenter(s): Justin Daly, Dean Shahinian

1 to 8 of 8 records


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